CSR commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our missions to protect the coastline and save human life at sea have shaped our raison d’être “in service”. Through each of our missions, we ensure and intend to contribute, on our scale, to the environmental and societal challenges of our century.

While our CSR approach is fully in line with the promotion of the sustainable development objectives defined by the United Nations, it is more specifically structured around 3 pillars: human value, environmental commitment, ethics of our decisions and actions.

Human value

We build our know-how thanks to a human collective: be it our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our partners. This human value guides us to act and contribute to societal and social well-being.

Among our actions with our employees:

Implementation of a constantly updated internal and external training process, to ensure a high quality of service while respecting the talents and needs of our employees.
More than 1000 hours of training are provided each year.
Quality of life at work approach with among the actions: Installation of a QVT commission integrated into the CSSCT in March 2021
Establishment of a policy to combat psychological violence and harassment, preventive health actions at work.
Adapted working conditions for all employees to reconcile professional / personal life (organization of teleworking before its acceleration linked to health conditions in 2020).
Our retention rate, all employees combined, is 0.97.

Among our actions with young and external audiences:

Support for initial training: integration of trainees and trainee students from maritime training schools (Maritime High Schools and Merchant Marine Higher School)
Purchasing policy in favor of local suppliers / businesses
Partner of the SNSM, support for associations dealing with dangers at sea and social assistance to sailors.

Environmental commitment

The Société Les Abeilles International has been committed, for more than 40 years, to the protection of the coast. We monitor daily in order to face the threats of pollution of all kinds (hydrocarbons, chemical pollution, macro-waste such as containers). This responsibility drives us to constant innovation, whether in the design of our tools or in the day-to-day management of our activities at sea and on land.

Among our actions in favor of technical innovation and the optimization of existing vessels:

“Zero discharge” policy at sea (oily water, ballast water, garbage, etc.)
Airborne waste reduction policy (combustion fumes, management of additives in the exhausts of the main engines of our ships)
Availability to earth current supply: 100% via proactive approaches to local players (including the ports of Brest and Boulogne, the Brittany and Hauts-de-France regions).
Cetacean Detector (REPCET)

Ethics of decisions and actions

Saving human lives and protecting the sea from all pollution is a collective and individual commitment towards all our stakeholders. This commitment is the foundation of our value chain in the management and development of Abeilles International.

Among our actions :

We share our assistance payments with the state whose partners are during operations (CROSS, air resources, etc.)
Establishment and signature of our internal compliance charter.
Compliance with the Code of ethics for ISU / insurer rescue operations.
Maintenance of ships exclusively on French territory.
ISO 9001 certifications

Impact of our missions

Since 1976, a public service mission to preserve the French coast and human lives through a technical and operational partnership with the French State.
Each year on average, between 150 and 250 people rescued at sea (sailors, castaways, boaters, etc.)
Over the past 15 years: More than 150 operations in the service of maritime assistance and coastal protection and around ten firefighting operations.
Support for training of rescue professionals: nearly 1000 hours / year of exercises in real conditions (helicopter hoisting, shipwreck simulations, recovery of submarine castaways).

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