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Econocom’s ambition for Les Abeilles International

Since its creation, the Econocom Group has supported digital transformations in all economic and industrial sectors, including transport, in the midst of a digital revolution. 

As a partner of Les Abeilles SA for the financing of its ships since 2017, the Econocom Group is proud to have become, on 24 September 2020, the unique shareholder of this historic flagship of the French shipping industry. For Les Abeilles International, Jean-Louis Bouchard, Chairman and founder of the Econocom Group, is strongly committed to the seafarers, his “primary concern”.

The priority is to serve the State’s action at sea, and the ambition is also to strengthen investment in the renewal of the fleet in order to significantly accelerate its development in France and internationally. 

The Econocom Group, the Europe’s first digital general contractor, offers Les Abeilles International the capacity to engage in a large-scale approach to the digitalisation of its processes and digital innovation in all its areas of expertise. 

Les Abeilles International thus intends to strengthen its contribution to the protection of the coastline in the service of the State at sea, by preparing itself for the challenges of digitalising the ships of tomorrow. The combination of Les Abeilles International’s know-how and the Econocom Group’s digital performance offers very encouraging prospects for the development of new projects.

Europe’s first Digital General Contractor

The Econocom group was founded in 1974 in France by Jean-Louis Bouchard, its current Chairman. 

The group is present in 17 countries, with over 9,000 employees and €2,6 m in revenue. Econocom is listed on Euronext in Brussels, on the BEL Mid and Family Business indices

Econocom designs, finances and facilitates digital transformation for its clients, both large firms and public organisations. The group is one of the few that can coordinate and take overall responsibility for the entire business chain of digital projects: from equipment and services to tailor-made financing or pay-per-use… in one or more countries. 

In 2021, the group is pursuing initiatives in digital technology that are responsible, inclusive and circular, with ever more innovant solutions and around one million items of equipment re­conditioned by 2025.

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18 countries

9 200 employees

2,6 Mds€ in revenue for 2020

7th IT french company1

45 ans of field experience

7M technology assets

300 000 refurbished equipment / year

1CA 2019 – Syntec Numérique study–
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