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  • 11
      June 2021

    11 June 2021 - Pollution response operation East Corsica

    Friday June 11 around noon pollution is spotted in eastern Corsica. The maritime prefecture immediately dispatched the appropriate resources to the area, including the BSAA Jason, while the Prefect of Haute Corse launched the POLMAR Land plan. Once in the area, the Jason crew uses CEPPOL pumping resources – see our partners – to treat […]

  • 3
      May 2021

    3 May 2021 - Towage of the Varzuga

    On the evening of May 3, in difficult sea conditions, the hull of the Russian tanker Varzuga dating from 1971 found itself adrift in the English Channel between English and French waters. The Greek tugboat Christos XXIV, which was towing it from Murmansk to a Turkish demolition site, broke its trailer. The Abeille Liberté and […]

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