Abeille Flandre

L'Abeille Flandre
@Pierre Pelissier

The Emergency Towing Vessel (ETV), ABEILLE FLANDRE and its sister-ship, the ABEILLE LANGUEDOC, were built in the Norwegian shipyard of Ulstein and designed by the architect Sigmund Borgundvaag. They carry the n°UT507.

Launched in 1978 under the name of NEPTUN SUECIA, she was bought by Les Abeilles International, in 1979 to ensure the service of the salvage station of Brest.

In charge of the safety of Brittany coastline and Ussant TSS, she carried out the towing of the stern of the ERIKA wreck in 1999, and also many less publicized but equally difficult operations.

Replaced in 2005, in Brest, by the ABEILLE BOURBON, she has since been providing service to the TOULON rescue station.

Services : 

Salvage and towing operations

Search and rescue

Escorts of hampered ships

Navy helidrop platform

Firing fighting operations (FIFI 2)

Emergency 24/24