Our field of expertise

We offer a range of services based on our core business : assistance to ships in distress and environmental protection.

Our wide technical expertise allows us to respond to the most extreme situations : 

  • taking action in chemical environments
  • taking action in hazardous environments
  • recovering large numbers of shipwrecked people
  • ship drainage
  • fire fighting   

We are a full member of the International Salvage Union (ISU) and we respect their code of conduct and the safety standards. With professionalism and transparency, we provide maritime services which enable us to save lives and protect the environment.

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Maritime digitalisation

Thanks to the support of its shareholder, the Econocom group, which is the European’s leading digital company, Les Abeilles International is now able to start a large-scale process of digitalization of its processes, and digital innovation in all its areas of expertise. In this way, the company intends to strengthen its contribution to the coastline protection, by preparing itself for the challenging digitalization of the ships of tomorrow. The combination of Les Abeilles’ know-how and the digital power of the Econocom group offers very positive prospects for the development of new projects.



Our everyday concern is to guarantee our services with the highest possible safety level for our teams. This requires personnel training, equipment investments and constant improvement on our behalf. 


It is a privilege to have the trust of our collaborators and customers on a daily basis. In response to this trust, we have decided to go even further than the basic regulations and follow the ISO 9001 certification process. 

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