Specialised vessels, design and manning

Ready to go or tailor made, our offers are adapted to your specific needs

Manning & equipment – ship operation 

Our experience and our expertise enable us to offer manned and equipped operational specialised vessels for salvage and emergency situations. We offer the appropriate responses to meet your needs in staffing, technical management and every aspect of the vessel’s manning and equipment.  

The values we live by and the continuous support from our shore based team, guarantee the highest quality and safety level on board our ships. 

Ship design

The design of a salvage vessel is specific and can’t be improvised  

Thanks to many decades of experience in terms of assistance and fight against pollution gained from practical experience, the teams of Abeilles International have developed a unique expertise which enable us to offer a design service for specialised vessels : 

  • Emergency towing vessels
  • Salvage and emergency vessels
  • Anti-pollution vessels
  • Tailor-made vessels  
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