Salvage consultancy

We can carry out support and give advice when a hazard occurs at sea or on a river all over the world. Our multi-skilled teams can respond to all of your many needs during a salvage operation. During the past 3 years, we have performed 6 operations of this sort for the maritime and shore based French authorities.

Opération Rodhanus ©Les Abeilles
© Les Abeilles
© Marine Nationale

During salvage, re-floating or wreck removal operations, the interests of the coastal authorities, those of the ship owners and those of the other participants can be contradictory. A ship disaster is always an undesirable and unexpected event.

As a historical partner of the French government, we can supply specific advice for legal and environmental issues related to these sorts of operations. 

Convoyage du Costa Concordia
© Marine nationale

For 365 days per year and in under 6h, we can provide a team of advisors adapted to the scale of the situation. This team will remain in permanent contact with our shore based team, in order to provide extra expertise and an additional perspective on the situation.

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