The profession of maritime assistance is specific and demanding; a profession where the notion of risk is omnipresent. As we enter the 21st century, it is a privilege for each of us to serve causes that are beyond us. Alongside our sole shareholder Econocom, we share values that are at the center of our commitment to protecting the coastline and saving human lives at sea.

A daily commitment based on three values:

Boldness : carrying out uncertain and risky operations requires daring and moderation on the part of our teams. This state of mind has always guided Les Abeilles. This subtle balance has been maintained thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its successive leaders who have always prepared the company for the world of tomorrow.

Responsiveness: Les Abeilles is equipped with tugs specially designed for coastal protection; displaying a professionalism anchored in their history and their unique know-how.

Our duty is to always be ready to set sail as soon as possible, whatever the weather conditions. Each mission is a technical and human challenge, which calls for the responsiveness and composure of everyone, embarked sailor or shore team without whom nothing can happen. This complementarity of our teams and their uniform distribution on French territory are the pride and strength of our company.

Solidarity and cohesion : An aid operation requires showing humility and perseverance in the face of unforeseen circumstances. More than anything, the key to success lies in cohesion and solidarity. The concept of crew then takes on its full meaning during each assistance operation: we are linked in the face of danger and everyone’s vigilance serves everyone.

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